Sunday, September 27, 2009

연고전 2009 Yonsei and Korea University Festival

It is end of summer again and Yonko Festival is once again the limelight of all. Five games including ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer and rugby were played. Both Yonsei and Korea Univeristy won two games and draw in one game.
I dint go to watch the game at Olympic park due to my class schedule on Friday. Saturday was a busy day for homework and meeting my visiting cousin and friends to Seoul who happended to book their hotel in Shinchon. They were able to experience the aftermath of the festival because students from both Yonsei and Korea University were having a huge party inside and outside of the University near Shinchon. They sing and cheer in front of the pub and restaurant asking for free beer and soju. The owner of the restaurant will listen to their cheers and offer the prepared souvenir for them. This is a yearly culture and the owners are more than happy to award the drinks and some food to the students because they are the main customer in Shinchon area.

There was a concert party in the campus . Free beer and popcorn were served too. It has been great night and i had a good time with my cousin and her friends who fly to Jeju island the next day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hongik University Industrial Design Exhibition

Went to Hongik University Industrial Design Exhibition last week. Was invited by an Argentinian Kyobo (Korean born in Argentina). The exhibition shows final and 3rd year students products and ideas on certain topik such as industrial products for emergency rescue, hygiene and ect. I like to visit industrial design exhibition because it creates new idea on things which can be done in a different way. "The best gift that God had gaven to us is the ability to imagine"---Albert Einstein.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girl Scout of Korea, 12th International Camp

The Girl Scouts of Korea (GSK) had successfully organized the 12th International Camp from 5 to 11 August 2009. The camp was held at Incheon Grand Park, Incheon, Korea. The Asia Pacific Region, WAGGGS is one of the sponsors of this camp. Participants from all around the world gathered for the magnificent activities, shared their thoughs and enjoyed their friendship together in a week and more.

I joined other students from Argentina, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Germany, Mozambique and ect as the international volunteering staffs in the camp. We normally start to set up our countries' booth in the morning and waiting for the campers. What we do were to introduce our home country's culture, dance, games and any other traditional elements to the campers. The campers were from all over the world, of course with majority local Korean kids and children. The were so cute and we had a wonderful week together.

My booth consist of Malaysia, Kazakstan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. I got to meet the friendly girl scoutss from Thailand, Myanmar, The Philippines, , Japan, Maldives, , Poland, Germany, Fiji, Taiwan and HongKong too. On the other hand, i was once ignored by those from USA, England and Australia. Perhaps they thought i was just an English learner who simply wanna practice my English with them. Or have they heard too much of the bad things about Malaysia? Very good, our racist government had not been doing any good. Some international pressure is needed.

Hey, what am i writing here? Scouting should be promoting friendship and peace, yet i'm criticising our friends here. Will try to look for the sincere and polite group of our friend to correct my pre-occuppied thought. All and all, i enjoyed the camp very much with the air-cond toilet, open-group-bathroom, delicious food and the soft sleeping bag. ^^