Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stamp making at Museum of Korea 印章制作

The Museum of Korea is an interesting place for visitors. After the visiting tour of the magnificent artifacts in the museum, you may enjoy another exiting workshop of stamp making. Though early application and group registration is needed.

The artifacts were presented in 3 different floors. You may need to spend up to 1 hour or more per floor for a good understanding of all the info presented there.

The Museum of Korea is a building carrying the mission and role as a reminder of the past and current. The better understanding of the history and the past will serve as the key for a promising future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

12th Girl Scout International Camp 2009, Incheon

The Girl Scouts of Korea (GSK) will organize the 12th International Camp from 5 to 11 August 2009. The camp will be held at Incheon Grand Park, Incheon, Korea. The Asia Pacific Region, WAGGGS is one of the sponsors of this camp.

About 10,000 Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and non-member youths are expected to participate in this camp. The camp is open to Girl Guides / Girl Scouts over age 10, including overseas participants.
Activities of the camp include water activities like canoe, rubber boat and windsurfing; adventurous activities like riding an amphicar and fire fighting; themed activities such as cultural exploration in Ganghwa Island; mountaineering activities like rock climbing and night trekking; and exploration and on-site activities such as exploration of the ecosystem of the foreshore and fores, nanta, modeling and belly dancing. Participants will also witness the Global Fair and Festival 2009 at Incheon.

I've signed up as an International Staff for the camp representing Malaysia and had my first meeting with others volunteer from different countries at the Head Quarter of Girl Scout Korea today. We still need more volunteers for the duty in the International booth. Our duty includes introductions/ exhibition of traditional costumes, songs, games, dance and anything that you might think of representing your country.

or contact for more details.

Singer 'Rain' and KimSaRang were the ambassador for Korea Girl Scout from 2002-2005.
The popular all-girls group 'Girls Generation' (소녀시대) is the ambassador from 2008-2009.
Hope i can meet them in the camp, yahooooo!!!!!! ^^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Egypt, the Great Civilization 파라오 와 미라

There is a special exhibition taking place at the National Museum of Korea (국립중앙박물관) presenting nearly 230 artifacts from major dynasties, covering 3000 yrs of Egyptian civilization. These superb Egytian cultural relics provide us opportunity to experience the sophistication and power of the ancient civilization, and to gain a deeper unserstanding of the Egyptian Seoul.

Opened on April 28, the number of visitors to the exhibition had reach 10 ooo people in 39 days as reported on 5 June. The museum is close on Monday. Admission fee 10 000 won. Till August 30, 2009. Feel free to pay a visit dear. ^^


I've joined the Yonsei Taekwondo for only 2 months and manage to obtained yellow belt. Well, i had stopped the training due to my tight schedule. However, it was a good experience to get a taste of this wonderful martial arts which not only train your body but include your soul. I've also learned some extremely good technics in stretching the body during warm-up and cold-down sessions.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Construction

Guess what? My room in the dormitory (International House-1) is facing a contruction site of future International House-2. My class is also located at the back of the site. The workers start work at 7am-8pm when i first came here. And they work even earlier on the winter day, at 5am in the morning! Believe me, it is surrounded by residence and academic buildings. They are allowed to work on Sunday!
On the other hand, the site was well maintained and very clean. The progress is systematic and efficient too.
Every now and then i can feel the vibration from the rock blasting which is more than what i've experience from my previous project. Some are even took place at not more than 10 meters away. I wonder if the vibration peak particle velocity is less than 3mm/s. There are no earthquakes in Korea and i'm not sure if the buildings were design to earthquake. However, i did not find any sign of wall cracks here. Nor did i meet up with any person in-charge of the site because the communication can bel a problem for me, not to mentioned in requesting technical advice (perhaps the vibration control limits).

I've read in paper that a joint venture between Berjaya Land (Bland) and Jeju Free International City Developement Centre (JDC) is undertaking Berjaya Jeju Resort, a development in Jeju Island at Southern part of Korea which will be lauched in 2009 and targeted for completion in 2015. The coorperation between two country is in good shape and we shall learn from each other in every field possible. ^^

Thursday, July 2, 2009



路边的照片是在食堂附近照的。那小狗蛮像我家的高等呢!它来自爱尔兰,主人是一位老伯。老伯也是食堂的常客,总是喝得醉,但知识渊博,是高丽大的毕业生呢!他常当我是新加坡人, 因为他很推崇李光耀。


我也搞不清楚高等是属于什么血种的狗,若没错的话应该是 Labrador Retriever。它蛮聪明的,网上资料说成年狗有3岁的智商,这我举脚赞成。当大门打开时,它就会一骨碌地飞跑出去,叫它回来时它会和你玩兵抓贼似的,当你把它引到大门前时,它又会突然转身跑开,并站在远处观望。如是大门进出来回几回后,高等就会倦鸟知归的回来。 若我等不及把大门关了后,它会持续吠叫直到有人出来开门。最令我又气又好笑的是,开了门后,高等又开始玩抓秘藏了!


两个月前,高等去世了。。。 可惜我人不在故乡。。。高等,安息吧!

Soraksan (Mount Sorak)

Two girls and 3 boys, we followed our Taekwondo Master, who used to be an army whom had uncounted experience in conquering Mt. Sorak. Believe me or not, our master was once the champion of Taekwondo in during his army service and he also used to do his training in the mountain for months. He was our guide and chef cum driver in the trip. Haha! Thank you master! Oh, and nit forgetting the delicious bulgogi. ^^
Mt. Soraksan Nature Reserve is a listed by the South Korean government with UNESCO as a tentative World Heritage site. The Korean government designated the area as a nature reserve in 1965 and UNESCO designated the area as a biosphere reserve in 1982. It was also the first Korean national park to be designated under the National Park Law in 1970. Located on the east and center of the Korean peninsula, the reserve covers Injegun, Yanyanggun, and Sokchosi. It is one of the most popular attractions for tourists and nature enthusiasts in Korea. The Mt. Soraksan Nature Reserve is valuable for its stunning natural beauty and rare flora and fauna.