Monday, May 31, 2010

What Korean Children read during their free time?

Went to my colleague's house last Wednesday nite after he finished his class at 1030pm. Reach a medium and tidy apartment after 1 hr by bus. I decided to stay overnite at his place so that we can depart from his apartment at 6am the next morning. We were supposed to a visit a natural gas pipes installation site near Yongin, some 30 km from his place. If not, i need to drag my ass up at 4 or 5 am in the morning, take a bus to reach his place the next day.

My colleague has a girl and a boy. The girl is at primary standard 5. Saw her english homework that she left for her daddy's inspection. Good english i would say, at least better than me when i was at her age. Oh, she attended english tuition near her home.

Manage to get a look on some books that surrounded me in the room. I was placed in their reading room. Surprisingly, not only the children read comic version of encyclopedias, they also read a good collection of 'chicken-soup-of-soul' kinda literatures that are charming, calm, and beautiful.

It reminds me of my collection of comic style encyclopedias that eventually given to my cousin when i was in university. Hmm.... i will make sure i buy a new set in the future. For the little one (hint hint ^^) and myself.

As we went out early in the morning, i did not manage to meet my colleague's children. However, i did met his wife in the morning and had a nice breakfast. Guess what? That was probably the earliest breakfast taken in the form of rice in my whole life. Wakakaka!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Msia vs Japan and China

Thomas Cup and Uber Cup 2010 have started in Malaysia. Thomas Cup is the highest award for badminton (men) whereby each country is represented by 3 singles and 2 doubles. Uber Cup is for female players.

Msia did not get to play and warm-up themselves with Nigeria in the first match due to Nigeria team's late arrival.

Three days ago, Msia surprisingly lose to Japan which ignited the anger and frustration of Msian ppl towards the national team players. My friend's Korean husband was very proud of this result because the coach for Japanese team is a Korean. Haha!

The lost to Japan left Msia with no choice but to win Denmark in order to step further. Fortunately, the result is positive.

Msia fought against China, the defending champion lastnite in the Thomas Cup semi-final game. The winner is expected to face Indonesia in the finals.

Msia used to win the Thomas Cup in year 1949 (the first Thomas Cup), 1952, 1955, 1967 and 1992 (when it was held in Msia). This time, the game is held in Msia again and the ppl have high hopes for our country to win the Thomas Cup.

In year 1992, Msia lose to Korea before winning China and Indonesia to gain the title after 25 yrs. Do you think the history will repeat itself again?

Haizz...... Msia lose to China in straight games lastnite. A typical case of of Msian players when facing high pressures and high expectations playing at home.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Children's Day 韩国儿童节






Koreans are having their public holiday on children's day.
With a gazetted holiday, the parents will have no excuse blaming on their hectic work schedule but to bring their child to playground or spend time with them. ^^

Hopefully Msian gov can set our children's day as holiday too although we already have plenty of holidays from HAri Raya, Chinese New Year, Sultan's birthday, Agong's birthday, Labour day, Independent day, Awal Muharam to Depavali and to Xmas and etc. ^0^

I never celebrate children's day in Msia with my family. We celebrate it with schoolmates and teachers. If not mistaken, it is fall on either Oct or Nov.

Yahoooooo! I'm happy to to be able to celebrate children's day again.... hehe!