Monday, May 31, 2010

What Korean Children read during their free time?

Went to my colleague's house last Wednesday nite after he finished his class at 1030pm. Reach a medium and tidy apartment after 1 hr by bus. I decided to stay overnite at his place so that we can depart from his apartment at 6am the next morning. We were supposed to a visit a natural gas pipes installation site near Yongin, some 30 km from his place. If not, i need to drag my ass up at 4 or 5 am in the morning, take a bus to reach his place the next day.

My colleague has a girl and a boy. The girl is at primary standard 5. Saw her english homework that she left for her daddy's inspection. Good english i would say, at least better than me when i was at her age. Oh, she attended english tuition near her home.

Manage to get a look on some books that surrounded me in the room. I was placed in their reading room. Surprisingly, not only the children read comic version of encyclopedias, they also read a good collection of 'chicken-soup-of-soul' kinda literatures that are charming, calm, and beautiful.

It reminds me of my collection of comic style encyclopedias that eventually given to my cousin when i was in university. Hmm.... i will make sure i buy a new set in the future. For the little one (hint hint ^^) and myself.

As we went out early in the morning, i did not manage to meet my colleague's children. However, i did met his wife in the morning and had a nice breakfast. Guess what? That was probably the earliest breakfast taken in the form of rice in my whole life. Wakakaka!

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