Monday, November 25, 2013

Myanmar Waves

The current version of Lonely Planet (2013) for Myanmar is out of date. The book advised travelers not to change at the airport exchange booth as the official rate is less than a tenth of the black-market rate.

However, this is no longer the case. Now, you can change not only USD, but also Singapore Dollars, Euro, and Japanese Yen at the airport exchange booth with good rates. One thing remain is that your USD bills must be in crunchy or new without folds. USD 100 bill will get a better exchange rates than smaller bills. To-date as in November 2013, USD $1 = Kyat 969 ; SGD $1 = Kyat 774.

I have tried the Myanmar food at good restaurant as well as roadside stalls. Hygiene is an issue here as most of the roadside stalls do not have direct clean water supply but they take it from somewhere else. Thus, the food seller would minimize the water usage and wash the cups and plate in the same container repeatedly. So far, i have only experienced once in which i had one whole day diarrhea after consuming a plate of noodles at a food stall next to a cinema near Park Royal, Yangon.

Looks nice? It caused me farted the whole night and went to toilet first time at 3am in the morning and 2nd at 4am, 3rd at 430am and subsequently the next whole day.

These 3 photos above were taken at Feel Restaurant near Pyidaungzu Yeiktha Street.

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