Friday, August 21, 2009

When Korean Police Met Malaysian

Have you encounter police in your daily life? Most of us will try to avoid to see the police if possible (at least in Malaysia^^). In normal circumtances, we just look up for the police when we are looking for direction or reporting.

Few days ago, i went to have late dinner with some Malaysian friends. We had fried chickens and beer. Guess what, the fried chicken in Korea is very delicious with different varieties. My favourite is the 'YangNyom' (양념-Fried in Hot and spicy seasoning sause) fried chicken. ^^

Ok ok. Here comes the story. On our way home, one of my friend found a wallet on the street. This lucky guy always found money on the street. According to him, Koreans hardly look down and never collect small money found on the street. ^^

The wallet came with some money and credit cards. Looking at it, the black colour wallet has different design without pocket for storing money but come with a clip for notes. It shall belongs to a young man. So, the honest people of Malaysian (haha!) decided to report the found wallet to the police station. The nearest police station was about 500 meters away near Sinchon subway station.

The small police branch office was close without any attending personnel. We found the phone in front of the police station and call to report our findings. A police patrolling car came after 3 minutes. Two male police officers came out from the car and started to record my friend's details and the findings. One of the officer count the money in front of us and we are told to become the witness of an amount of 13 1000 won (equivalent to about RM400). That was a very professional conduct. Correct me if i'm wrong, i do not think Malaysian police will do the same for that amount of money ( the value of 13 1000 won in the high cost living of Korea is same with the usage of RM 131 in Malaysia.)

We were also being told that, Korean law allowed the founder of lost money to enjoy up to 20% of the original amount of money no matter the owner was found or not.

With the current technology checking on the visa card info, the young male owner was found on the nex day. We did not meet up the owner despite the offering of his favour. We were happy and we believe the owner was happy too from his thankful tune from the other side of the phone.


  1. it is really surprising for me !

  2. Haha, that was a good experience. Should have ask the police's favour to send us home. ^^

  3. This is not just a good article but also sharing us an insight of the Korean police's moral sentiment. Also thanks for telling about the 20%......ehhem.....^^ just kidding.

    Well, I hope my beloved Malaysia will one day has good polices as they do.

  4. Alicia, dont just hope. We need to put in action. How about we ask our inspector LaiTat to recomend it to his HQ?

  5. ^ ^.....i think this one

    "the officer count the money in front of us and we are told to become the witness of an amount of....."

    shall works.

  6. Must highlight to PDRM that the conduct should apply to any amount. I repeat 'any amount'. ^^