Thursday, August 13, 2009

POSCO - Move The World in Silence

Thanks to the Presidential Council of National Branding, Korea, i manage to visit the world 3rd largest steel making company - POSCO (Pohang Iron & Steel Company). Established in 1968, POSCO has grown into a global steelmaker with the annual production of 33 million tons of crude steel, leading Korean economic development for 40 years.

What surprise me is that 75% of their productions were for domestic usage in various industries including automobile, shipping, electrical and construction. Hot-rolled steels are for general structures and welded structures are produced for steel structures, bridges, ships, and automobiles. Cold-rolled steels are used to product structural steel which does not need drawability but require strength.

The company's slogan, "We move the world in silence - 소리 없이 세상을 움직입니다' is a very suitable slogan for picturing the importance of steel in our daily life.

We were also greeted by the Senior Executive Vice President of the company, Mr. Jin-Il Kim. Wearing in uniform, Mr. Kim has posted a very good leadership image to me together with his simple yet humour cum astonishing speech.

The visit was so meaningful that i discovered the best quote of the year ' 鋼鐵은國力 - Steel is the strength of Nation'.

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