Monday, October 26, 2009

Internet speed

Generally, Asia was being placed at 4th among 6 continents in the world for the speed of internet. The top continent is Europe but that only shows the average statistics for European countries. Korea has the world faster download speed of 21.87 Mb/s, followed by Japan , 16.09 Mb/s, Aland Islands, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Moldova, HongKong (9.56 Mb/s), Andora, Portugal and Germany. Our good neighbour, Singapore rank 5th among Asian countries with downloading speed of 7.46 Mb/s. In Malaysia, the region with best internet download speed is Penang (2.87 Mb/s), followed by Melacca, Kelantan, Selangor, Perlis, N.Sembilan, and Wilayah Persekutuan (1.85 Mb/s).
However, Korea placed at 14th with its 3.18 Mb/s of uploading speed. Lithuania has the fastest uploading speed to internet at 8.98 Mb/s, followed by Japan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Aland Islands, Hong Kong and ect. However, not all spot in Korea manage to achieve the speed that provided. I've done a test in my university and the downloading and uplaoding speed is 6.8 Mb/s and 4.22 Mb/s respectively. Of course, this is far more better than the announced speed provided in Msia. Feel free to visit this website for more details and do a test for your IP.

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