Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No More Racist, i have my own 'pure' blood pride too---Drafting of law to prevent discrimination in Korea

Recently, New York Times posted a special topic in its Asia Pacific section pertaining to Korea. The lawmakers in Korea are starting to draft legislation that for the first time would provide a detailed definition of discrimination by race and ethnicity and impose criminal penalties following the recent incident reported in July which caught the eyes of all Korean nations. On the evening of July 10, Bonogit Hussain, a 29-year-old Indian man, and Hahn Ji-seon, a female Korean friend, were riding a bus near Seoul when a man in the back began hurling racial and sexist slurs at them. however, was that, once it was reported in the South Korean media, prosecutors sprang into action, charging the man they have identified only as a 31-year-old Mr. Park with contempt, the first time such charges had been applied to an alleged racist offense.

South Korea is a country where people were taught to take pride in their nation’s “ethnic homogeneity” and where the words “skin color” and “peach” are synonymous. Koreans are very proud of their 'pure' blood. Most of the Korean parents prefer their children to marry with their own race. Once i talked to an 'Ajuma' (Korean middle age lady), she is the owner of my frequent restaurant. She told me that she prefer her daughter to marry with Korean man because international marriage brings alot of unforssen problems in the future. She also advice me to marry a Msian women instead of Korean lady. ^^ I was up-set at that moment thinking that i have my own 'pure' blood pride too. However, i understand it was just a normal judgement that international marriage might couse confusion for the future generation.

If by any chance i got marry with a Korean lady, is she willing to stay with me in Msia, a hot country and with its own discriminative law towards minority races like my race. Anyhow, i believe there are only two types of homosapiens, the good ppl and bad ppl. How good is good and how bad is bad? I have my own standard but it wont variant too far from what you expect. All and all, Koreans are nice ppl and i salute them for their pride and culture. Wish me luck so that i can meet my right companion here in Korea (no prejudice but only ladies are welcome, not men), the lucky place for me.

From the article, i've also learned that even today, the North Korean authorities often force abortion on women who return home pregnant after going to China to find food, according to defectors and human rights groups. For many Koreans, the first encounter with non-Asians came during the Korean War, when American troops fought on the South Korean side. That experience has complicated South Koreans’ racial perceptions, Mr. Seol said. Today, the mix of envy and loathing of the West, especially of white Americans, is apparent in daily life.

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