Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Serious is Global Warming?

Korean friends told me that the weather in Korea is changing. In the old days, there will be a routine of about 4 days cold and 3 days hot in the late autumn. However, it is very hard to predict the weather now due to global warming. Koreans depend very much on the weather forecast to decide fashion and what to wear the next day. There is a saying in Korea that you will sense the changing of weather by just looking at the daily girls fashion on the street. Last year summer, the girls shortest skirt is up to 24cm above the knee. However, it was reported that the record has gone to 28cm during this summer. Good for guys. ^^ However, th disadvantage is that the sexy skirt may draw off your attention on the street and endanger you to the traffic around. Too bad, i cant provide you with Korean girls photos on the street. ^^ Korean girl can really stand cold. The girls like to wear shorts and mini skirt plus a layer of stocking during the late autumn or sometimes in the winter. However, they wear 3 to 4 layers on the upper part of the body. Quite a contrast^^ This might anger most of you cute ladies but my hypothesis is that girls tend to have more fat on their legs hence able to stand the cold. Wahahaha!

Attached herewith the photo descriping how serious is the global warming . Dont just 'talk' the global warming but 'walk' it. Only 48% are willing to spend additional money in gasoline taxes to achieve the goal in reducing US GHG emissions. It is convenient to blame the industry but most people are unaware that they are actually the source of the CO2 emissions. Some countries had made clear that they wouldn't sacrifice the economy development to CO2 emission deduction policy. So my humble first step in reducing Green House Gas is to wear sexy short pant in the next summer to reduce the usage of aircond; and stop taking bath for 3 months in the coming winter to save hot water ^^

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