Wednesday, March 10, 2010

연세공대 화재도망기 Another fire incident in Yonsei Engineering Hall

Today was a lil bit strange.

Big snow lastnite even in the March which is supposed to be spring. It was difficult to walk and fror a few time i almost fell down on the walkway.

In the afternoon, a newly married phd student who used to work in our lab bought us a good western lunch.

Attended a class for barely 30 minutes in a lecture hall at 6th floor and we were forced to leave the building by the fire alarm. Indeed the fire alarm doesn't sound persuasive enough for me due to the low tone of the pre-recorded announces. Anyway, how long do you think we need to walk from 6th floor to ground floor? Since we thought i might be just a fire drill, so we were walking in a normal speed and reach out in less than 3 minutes.

I saw the fire engines were already parked in front of the enginering hall when i reach out. This means either the fire alarm was late or the firemen did arrived in the fire location within less than 3 minutes. The nearest fire station is located at some 5km away form the school. Wow! This really impressed me. I cant tell you how efficient Malaysian firemen are, but oncei heard they only reach a fire location after the fire had nothing to burn anymore.

The fire was started at 5th floor in one of the architectural laboratory office. Investigation is on going to find out the real cause of the fire. A professor from architectural engineering department was saved from his room thru the window using the automatic ladder mounting on the fire engine. I suspect the cage or platform of the automatic ladder was malfuction during the incident because the firemen failed to raise the platform, and another fireman decided to just climb up to the top of the ladder get the professor out from the 5th floor window.
Technical problem, malfunction of machinery...... Hmm.... sounds familiar. I thought this will onl happend in Malaysia. Haha! For your information, Malaysia goverment recently only realised that one of the fighting jet engine worth millions of dollars was lost, and it was sent to latin America 2 yrs ago without anyone knows about it until recent investigation. You think the low rank army officers can have such connections and power to smuggle a huge giant out of the country just like sending a register mail? There must be some powerful man behind to direct this. Basically, corruption is an effective way to get things done easily in this my country, either black or white party. Where are the intelligents? Perhaps we need to assign James Bond a mission.
Oh, another joke was that the second hand submarine recently bought by the goverment was also found not able to submerge under the water. We can also call this technical problem again. Have they not check before the deal? Perhaps the same mistery blackhand who smuggle the fighting jet engine were doing his job.

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