Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Nite at Hongik

Just came back from Hongik area after attending one of my friends' (frm Yonsei) live band performance in a bar. Hongik area or 'Hongdae' area is famous for nite life and art exhibitions. It's one of the hot spot for young ppl and artists whether bad or good. You can see more young ppl with new hairstyle, weird hairstyle, or simply artistic style of fashion there compared to other places in Seoul. There is a university name Hongik University famous of its art and design courses. The exit of the Hongik Station was really crowded with ppl flooded into the Hongik area when i left. Seems like nite is too young for me to leave. Anyway, i was tired and cold so left early for sleep because i worried i will not be able to sleep if i keep hopping from one bar to another club.

The Hongik University area is the place that never sleeps, at least twice a month. While the area is full of youthful spirit and passion every day and night, it becomes the center for nightlife in Seoul, every second and fourth Friday of the month. Music and dance performances by talented independent bands and individual musicians are sure to make those nights memorable. The two nights are dubbed “Sound Day” and “Club Day,” respectively.--------(Source: Hi Seoul)

About my visit to the above mentioned bar, the performances of the bands were good in music but the singing of the lead singers of majority of the bands were so so only. While i take a break outside of the studio bar, surprisingly i found another band performing at the park opposite the bar. The audience are happy and proactive maybe because they know the performers. Guess they are all from Hongik University. The band is big with almost 8 ppl playing different instruments and one MC. Again the lead female singer is not good.

Sigh! How come no good band singer in Korea? I should ask my ex-roomate Mr. Firdaus a.k.a Eden to come and show his high key in Mariah Carey's song one day in Hongik area. And i can become his backup singer. Wahahaha!

I know you are laughing but i used to be a bass singer in university choir for 4 yrs neh........ ^^

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