Saturday, July 4, 2009

Egypt, the Great Civilization 파라오 와 미라

There is a special exhibition taking place at the National Museum of Korea (국립중앙박물관) presenting nearly 230 artifacts from major dynasties, covering 3000 yrs of Egyptian civilization. These superb Egytian cultural relics provide us opportunity to experience the sophistication and power of the ancient civilization, and to gain a deeper unserstanding of the Egyptian Seoul.

Opened on April 28, the number of visitors to the exhibition had reach 10 ooo people in 39 days as reported on 5 June. The museum is close on Monday. Admission fee 10 000 won. Till August 30, 2009. Feel free to pay a visit dear. ^^


  1. Sorry it's 100 000 nos of visitor. Attached herewith the link for the video pertaining to the exhibition (though in Korean but you may enjoy seeing the artifacts shown in the video). ^^

    and more info at

  2. Wah...When I first saw the pictures, thought you went Egypt le...Hope to travel there one day to see Pyramid: )

  3. Ya, it's always better to see the real & magnificent pyramid in Egypt. Wondering when is AAsia going to fly there. ^^