Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stamp making at Museum of Korea 印章制作

The Museum of Korea is an interesting place for visitors. After the visiting tour of the magnificent artifacts in the museum, you may enjoy another exiting workshop of stamp making. Though early application and group registration is needed.

The artifacts were presented in 3 different floors. You may need to spend up to 1 hour or more per floor for a good understanding of all the info presented there.

The Museum of Korea is a building carrying the mission and role as a reminder of the past and current. The better understanding of the history and the past will serve as the key for a promising future.


  1. you made the "龙"stamp by yourself?
    Now visiting museums / exhibitions become your hobby huh...:P

  2. Hi. Yes, i made the 龍 in 30 mins. Thought wanna write in 隶书but dunno how. The museum visit was one of the Korean language school outing program. All my classmates need to go. ^^

    I like to visit museum so that i can upgrade my '气质’Haha!

  3. 雕刻印章通常都会用篆体的嘛。