Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Construction

Guess what? My room in the dormitory (International House-1) is facing a contruction site of future International House-2. My class is also located at the back of the site. The workers start work at 7am-8pm when i first came here. And they work even earlier on the winter day, at 5am in the morning! Believe me, it is surrounded by residence and academic buildings. They are allowed to work on Sunday!
On the other hand, the site was well maintained and very clean. The progress is systematic and efficient too.
Every now and then i can feel the vibration from the rock blasting which is more than what i've experience from my previous project. Some are even took place at not more than 10 meters away. I wonder if the vibration peak particle velocity is less than 3mm/s. There are no earthquakes in Korea and i'm not sure if the buildings were design to earthquake. However, i did not find any sign of wall cracks here. Nor did i meet up with any person in-charge of the site because the communication can bel a problem for me, not to mentioned in requesting technical advice (perhaps the vibration control limits).

I've read in paper that a joint venture between Berjaya Land (Bland) and Jeju Free International City Developement Centre (JDC) is undertaking Berjaya Jeju Resort, a development in Jeju Island at Southern part of Korea which will be lauched in 2009 and targeted for completion in 2015. The coorperation between two country is in good shape and we shall learn from each other in every field possible. ^^

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