Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missed Iran and the Persian Kingdom

Passed-by a blog posting the news of Iranian women being blamed for the earthquake in Iran which caught my attention.

Got an Iranian fren named Behrang who is working in KL. Yes, Behrang as in the Behrang in Perak. Went travel with him back to Iran in April 2008 and found that most of the Iranians are really friendly. They will stop you half way on the road, talk to you, ask how you think about their country and some will even invite you to be their guest at home.

Maybe Behrang is from an upper-middle class in Iran. He brought me and another Msian fren of mine to visit his relatives and friends. Their house are nicer than mine in Msia, all look good inside. It's Iranian custom to visit their relatives and frenz who never met for some time especially after coming back from oversea. The relatives and friends will also visit him back in some time later. Thats why i was confused seeing the same ppl in Tehran (Behrang's aunt's place) and Now Shar (Behrang's home some 4 hrs from Tehran). The bub-bye made when we last met at in Tehran did not last a week.

One funny thing is that they seldom see East Asian in Iran. When Behrang's daddy sent their oven for repair at a SAMSUNG service center, the manager tot we were from SAMSUNG Korea on purpose of non-formal inspection to them. Haha! The outcome was that the oven was repaired in the fastest time in two working days and no problems till now according to Behrang. Haha! Guess i will make a better role now that i can speak Korean. Keke!

Iranian family usually serve fruits and nuts in their living room, completed with small knives. They are good in peeling fruits. Even a young boy can beat me in that! I've learned a good way in peeling the fruits especially oranges and kiwis. Teach you next time. Oh, i saw triple-shape kiwis too.

The only problem was the food. Iranian like sour and sweet. From lemon to yogurt and other dishes, all not my type except the barbecue chicken! The rice is soft, long and not sticky. Once i was sooooooooooo interested in a dish which looks like curry chicken. Too bad, it turned out to be sour-tomato chicken and not a single salty or spicy got into my tongue. Luckily i am now temporary residing in Korea where the foods suit my picky Asian tongue.

Also visited Persepolis, an ancient city of Persian Kingdom; also a UNESCO World Heritage megalith near Shiraz. Never heard of it before i went to Iran. Should i blame the press? Met some university students there and visited their living place. Then i saw the real life of Iranian ppl. Six students staying in a little room. Just double decker beds; no table for study or other fancy computer desks. They told me that they can study in the school library.

Before the formation of Iran into an Islamic Republic, the ppl live in a more liberal way since 1940's until they tumbled their bad Sultan (King) and given a rise to an Islamic party. Thats why my Iranian fren remind me not to vote for PAS, the Islamic Party in Msia. I think the case is diff in Msia cox not all citizens are Muslims. The Islamic party will do some good but not when i gets the full power of the country. Men are same, no matter how you represent God and how clean you claim you are, the dirts will grow when it comes to power. How right is to relate the religion to the politics of the country? The president of Iran has to be recommended and shortlisted by a group of religion leaders behind the backdrop. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's balls were half hold by the religion leaders. I see President Ahmadinejad as a good friend to the bloody Kim Jung-il in North Korea. Too bad....the protest and move to change the republic government early this year did not success.

All and all, there are still a huge number of Iranians who are really open minded but too weak to fight back the gov which is holding the military power. I got a taste on the first vodka (Illegal) of my life in Iran. The vodka was smuggled from Russia thru the Caspian sea, the largest lake in the world but has become salty. I cant even see the other side of the Caspian sea while i'm in Now Shar. The Iranian girls are really pretty and attractive. They wear singlet a home! I would fall in love with them if not because the religion barrier.

Got some photo albums in facebook. Feel free to visit!/album.php?aid=23383&id=634602661&op=60


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